The Board of the NGO “Lviv Center for International Law and Human Rights” approved the Anti-Corruption Policy of the Center

On the regular meeting of the Board of the Center on November 28, 2019, the Anticorruption Policy of our Organization was approved. The scope of the policy covers both the fight against corruption in cooperation with partners, contractors and government agencies, and is designed to facilitate the organization of proper communication with them, in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
In particular, the documents provide for the inadmissibility of any gifts on behalf or in the interests of the Center for officials from other organizations and institutions, the procedure for holding public events on the basis of the Center with the participation of political figures, defining the mechanisms for notification of violations and guarantees of confidentiality.
“The adoption of such a Policy is a logical step forward for our Center,” the organizer of the organization, Vladimir Lisik, commented on the adoption of the document, “It is particularly important that it establishes the procedure for cooperation with political parties and guarantees the respect for the political activity of our members, subject to the apolitical character of the Center , which is especially important during the pre-election period. “
Anticorruption policy was approved by the order of the Director of the Center and it came into force from today.

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