The results of the monitoring of Lviv Regional State Administration activities related to personal data protection

Within the project “Improvement of the situation in the sphere of personal data protection and the development of information society in Western Ukraine through the application of European standards in the process of personal data protection in the areas of public and private law” in July-December 2015 experts of the Lviv Centre for International Law and Human Rights conducted monitoring of Lviv Regional State Administration (hereinafter – LRSA) activities related to personal data protection.

On July 23, 2015 during a meeting between the administrations of LRSA and the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and the Centre experts, agreement for carrying out and facilitating the conducting of this project in Lviv region was reached. In August, during a board meeting, experts of the Centre presented the project of monitoring, its objectives and tasks to the heads of structural units and from September 1 practical phase of monitoring started.

During the monitoring experts of the Centre communicated with the heads of departments of LRSA and employees whose work involves processing, storage and protection of personal data, analyzed legitimate grounds for processing personal data as well as job descriptions, regulations and other official documents regulating procedures for processing of personal data. It should be noted that LRSA and its representatives contributed to the project completely and comprehensively.

On December 18, 2015 a workshop for almost 40 employees conducted by the experts of the project Martha Levytska and Markiyan Bem was held in LRSA. In addition, project experts prepared an analytical report on the results of monitoring. It is worth noting that the conclusions and recommendations presented in this report will be distributed and should be a pilot for other regional state administrations of Ukraine.

To get acquainted with this report, you can download it HERE:

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