Public Lecture of Prof. Thomas D. Grant

On May, 26 in the conference-hall of the International Relations Faculty of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv had taken place a Public Lecture of the Professor of Law of Cambridge University Thomas D. GRANT devoted to the “The terriotrial settlement, its challenfes and what’s stake for international law”. The event was jointly organized by the European Law Department of Lviv University together with Lviv Centre for International Law and Human Rights within the visit of Professor Grant to Ukraine.
The event was opened by the short speeches of Volodymyr Lysyk, the director of Lviv Centre for International Law and Human Rights and Associate Professor of tру European Law Department
Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva. They both had pointed out the importance of the subject of lecture and the need for a communication of the lecturers of Lviv University with the representatives of the leading world schools.
During his lecture, Professor Grant had analyzed the existing status-quo with the territorial disputes in the world and has outlined that the current problems faced by Ukraine are not exceptional. He analyzed the historical development of the legal regulation of the relations concerning territory in the contemporary international law. In his opinion in the case of absence of this institute, the armed conflicts would become an ordinariness for modern international relations.
It should be also noted that this event had become a second one with the participation of the well-known international lawyer in the walls of Lviv University, a partner of which is Lviv Centre for International Law and Human Rights. On April, 30 Philippe Sands, Professor of the University College of London had given a Public Lecure at the Mirror Hall of the Lviv University on “Crimea and International Law”.

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