Compliance with the legislation on personal data protection

  • StatusContinues
  • Start5-01-2014
  • Final20-12-2014
  • Duration1 month


From August this year Lviv Centre for International Law and Human Rights implements the project “Improvement of the situation in the sphere of personal data protection and the development of information society in Western Ukraine through the application of European standards in the process of personal data protection in the areas of public and private law”. The project is organized by the European Union and the Council of Europe Joint Programme of “Strengthening of information society in Ukraine” in cooperation with the Department for personal data protection of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and Lviv Regional State Administration.

The project is implemented in two main areas. In the area of private law compliance with law and personal data processing activities performed by the controllers and processors of personal data in the sphere of target marketing are studied. In the study communication between the controllers of personal data, processors of personal data and subjects, the personal data of which is processed, and also information about processing, which is reported to subjects according to the Law of Ukraine “On Protection Personal Data”, are monitored.

In the area of public law, the Centre’s experts monitor compliance with the national law in the sphere of personal data protection activities undertaken by Lviv Regional State Administration. Monitoring is conducted through meetings with employees of the relevant departments of the Administration and analyzing provisions of official regulations on functions of these departments in the sphere of personal data protection.

As a result of the project, preparation of reports on the results of the project in the areas of public and private law is scheduled. An opinion on compliance with the national law in both areas and recommendations on improving the fulfillment of legislation will be given. Also, preparation and publication of information materials on this subject are expected by the end of the year. It is expected that the project will contribute to the further implementation of European and international standards of personal data protection into the Ukrainian legal system.

In the near future, the experts of the Centre plan to continue cooperation with international donors and implement projects in other spheres covering current issues related to international law and human rights.