Партнери_Центр верховенства права

Rule of Law Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University

The Center is an educational and research institution that operates within the Ukrainian Catholic University – one of the best private universities in Ukraine. Center works in the field of law and human rights, aimed to develop and to improve existing Ukrainian educational programs in this area.

Lviv Center for International Law and Human Rights cooperates with UCU Rule of Law Center in the development of the university courses on international law and human rights.

Партнери_Центр міжнародного правосуддя

Center for International Law and Justice (CILJ)

The CILJ is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpolitical organization. The Center is located in Odessa city. The main goal of the Center is to promote research in the field of international law, as well as the development of the science of international law within Ukraine and abroad.

Lviv Centre of International Law and the Center for International Law and Justice are working to develop joint projects, devoted to the international legal challenges facing Ukraine.